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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I add new genre images after I updated to iTunes 9.0.2 on Mac OS X even though I have admin rights?
Because in that update Apple changed the folder permissions inside In order that you are able to add new images again you have to navigate to "/Applications/". (Open the context menu of the iTunes application and chose "Show package contents"). Then open the context menu of the "Resources" folder, open the "Information" entry and change the folder reading and writing permissions, so that administrators can not only read but also write into the folder. Thereafter the program should work as usual.

I'm using Windows Vista or later. Why can't I change the genres?
On Windows Vista you have to run the program as Administrator. Otherwise all changes done by the Manager to the "genres.plist" file, which determines  will be put into a virtual folder or will not be saved at all. This is a security measure (UAC) by Windows Vista and later.

I'm using Mac OS X. Why can't I change the genres?
To change the genres it is required that the Genre Manager can write into the iTunes application package (/Applications/ This usually requires administrator privileges. So be sure the user under which you run the program is an administrator account.

How can I add several genres which start with the same word?
In order that iTunes associates the correct images to genres with the same beggining word, the genre with the longer name has to be found after the shorter one in the genre list. So "Pop" would have to be put before (above) "Pop Rock".

Why can't I use & in the name of a genre?
Because the genre list is stored in a XML format in which the & is a special character. Just use a space instead and iTunes will recognize it anyway. For example write "R B" instead of "R&B". Or write "Drum   Bass" instead of "Drum & Bass".

Where can I find more genre artwork?
The only good collection of genre art I know is the Flickr Genre Pool. If you know another site, please let me know via email.

Got another question?

Feel free to ask me via email.

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